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TEXAS Store Opening Feedback

These are a few of the stores our Field team has opened. Some information is intentionally omitted for confidentiality purposes.

Dallas, TX
Dallas' Story:

This couple came to the 2014 Winter conference and the 2014 Summer conference. They took advantage of the Store Opening program and by the Fall of 2014 they were opened. We wound up getting them a larger space in the same building for 1/2 the price during the intense lease negotiations. The Store Opening Delivery is valuable!


Katy, TX
Katy's Story:

This owner called us with a limited budget. She wasn't sure if she would be able to get a full store or get a landlord to lease to her. She called us and we made it happen. She had some trouble with getting landlords to become comfortable with her. So we visited her market and found some ideal locations. Our LOI did the trick and after our thorough negotiations, she was able to get approved for this location in a high-trafficked area. Because she followed all of our guidance, her store is a record turnaround for us; going from the time she signed the lease to being ready for business, all within 30 days. Don't ask us how we do it. This is what we do!


Houston, TX
Houston's Story:

Pesky contractors and hardballing landlords can derail any dream. This owner came to us with a vision for a premier beauty supply store. Her vision was interrupted by unforeseen obstacles that we both had to go to bat for. Our abilities were tested but we eventually got all we wanted done.


Texas' Story:

This absentee owner called us after signing a lease not sure what to do next. Our team arrived in Houston, laid out the design and began the ordering for her store. On our second arrival we handled database and details, allowing us to be in and out within 48 hours. We opened the doors on our final day there and this owner was making sales before we could completely pack up and leave. Her words: "We could've never done this without BSI... you guys are extremely professional and knowledgeable."


Austin, Texas
Austin's Story:

This owner couldn't make it to our Summer 2015 conference but knew the information received there was vital. So instead, she sent her daughter to get the information she needed. Her daughter got signed up for our Full Contact Delivery service and within a few months, we got the ball rolling, found their location and got them opened shortly after our Winter Conference 2016.







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