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Field Operations Services


Unlike franchises, you use our proven model without an obligation of marketing or franchise fees.
Store Opening Delivery


Based on your needs, we have 3 store opening delivery levels: Full Contact, Full Impact and Full Experience. The different levels depend on the level of involvement you would want us to have, your desire to minimize errors, or your desire to save time. We have a 100% Grand Opening rate. We suggest you do not sacrifice excellence for shortcuts or for what appears to be cost-cutting measures. Contact us for specific details on each package. To get get pricing and detailed information, fill out the form above.

Included in all Store Opening Delivery Packages:

Store Opening Clients are required to complete and pass the Store Opening online courses included with the service prior to our team's second visit.

We do not open stores that will compete with our previous store opening clients.

Full Contact Store Opening

This is when our field team makes two travel-included visits to your location and handle all aspects of putting your store together. This includes ordering products, infrastructure, equipment and miscellaneous items, setting up accounts, handling shipping, assembling shelves, pricing products, building your point-of-sale database, building inventory and much more. The second visit is a 4-day intense schedule that transforms your space into a fully functioning store. Once we are finished we simply hand you the keys and train you on how to run the store. Contact us for specific details.


Full Impact Store Opening

This package is our most popular package! It includes everything that comes with the Full Contact Store Opening Delivery Package plus more. With this package you get enrolled in the Beauty Supply Store Owner’s Online Academy so you can start getting ready to implement key strategies once we get your store opened. This program contains 19 Store Sales, Marketing and Operations classes, plus classes on expanding your store and how to successfully open additional locations on your own. In addition to that, you receive 1-year full operations support and the S.A.T. service. This is where we take you from Idea to your 1st Year in business anniversary. Contact us for specific details.


Full Experience Store Opening

This package is our premium package! It includes everything in the Full Impact Store Opening Delivery Package plus more. With this package we focus heavily on your start-up, opening and competitiveness in business. This package includes us finding your location for you, a business plan and funding acquisition to get you opened and our Entrepreneur’s Skills Enhancement training to make sure your management, leadership and operations skills are superior to that of a typical start-up entrepreneur. This is where we take you from Idea to Legacy in Business. Contact us for specific details.




Site Review

We perform an assessment on 3 key areas: Market, Location & Facility. We then put each area into a matrix to determine location potential. Our professionals will review up to 3 possible locations per site review. This analysis can be performed on existing or pre-existing stores. Don't sign that lease using emotions. Be sure your sentiments are correct first. Let us assist in the process.



Site Selection

Not sure what goes into selecting a profitable location? Simply give us the area that you would like your store to be in and we will take it from there. Location isn't just about the cheapest or the most saturated. Knowing the intricate dynamics will lead to a good business experience. Give us a call and we will take it from there.



Store Analysis - (for existing owners)

Analysis of the Market - Location - Suite (S.W.O.T. Analysis)

• An analysis on the Market Stage (Intro, Growth, Maturity & Decline), Location (Solvency & Potency), and Suite (Logic) will be conducted. A full report of where the business is and where more can be will be generated.

• Analysis of the Store - Stress Test (Cost per Square Foot, Sales per Square Foot, Market Share, Service Experience Observation)

• A Stress Test will be conducted on the store's operations. This critical analysis will closely examine the financials (cash-flow) and financial analytics (loans, market share, average sales of the customer, and lifetime value of each customer) of the business will be extracted.

Suggestions will be made by our firm and delivered to the client. Feedback is encouraged and a 1-hour collaborative session with the client will be made available for up to 30 days after the report.








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