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SAQ’s (Should Ask Questions)

Future owners come to us with a variety of “Commonly Asked Questions” that (to them) seems appropriate for their endeavor. However, most of these questions does not do you any justice and the answers to those questions won’t give you the information you need to make a sound decision. So what we’ve done is compiled a bunch of “Should Ask Questions” that will help you get the clarity and useful answers you need.

Commonly Asked: “How much money will I make owning a store?”
This is an answer only you can answer. Stores of similar make-up on the very same block performs differently because they are under different leadership. It is largely based on talent, capacity and experience.

What you should ask: “Can my market bring me profits?”
This is the very best thing to ask!!! One we can answer once you tell us the market.

Commonly Asked: “How much does it cost to open a store?”
This seems like an obvious question but it’s not. Because your store will be unique in many ways, your cost can vary significantly. However, what we can say is we’ve opened stores for as little as $25,000 and as much as $200,000.

What you should ask: “How much would it cost to open a store where the size of the space is xyz, in xyz city, where the rent is about xyz?”
Though there are still other variables in this answer, asking your questions specific like this can help us give you an idea of start-up costs; but the answer still will only be an approximate. It is always best for us to visit your area to be more precise.

Commonly Asked: “I heard Koreans have this business on lock. Will I be able to get hair?”
We will be able to get you almost any hair brand as a store opening client. Let’s just leave it there.

What you should ask: “Will I be able to stock my store with products?”
Yes. Once you have the funds, getting products has become a basic skill for us at this point. We have relationships where many questions aren’t asked and screening not take place. You may only find trouble with premium items, which we will give you direction on how to get them.

What you should ask: “Will I be able to reorder my products without you?"
Of course you will! You will have your own direct accounts for the products.

Commonly Asked: “Your store opening packages seem high-priced. Are they?"
Our packages are priced the same for everyone (lower for Capstone Elite Members). The price seems low for some and high for others. It boils down to your value of time, risk tolerance and urgency to get opened.

What you should ask: “What is the cost-benefit of your packages?”
Our packages include much more than can actually be quantified. Some things like team travel multiple times, labor, and time can easily be quantified. But the cost of mistakes, delays, stress and headaches and our professional expertise and vast experience cannot be boxed into a price. Some things are just priceless. But comparatively, based on similar services, we should be more than double the price of our packages. Check around.

What you should ask: "How can you provide Store Opening packages so cheap?"
It took years and a number of clients to master the efficiency of this process. Plus, the people on our team view this work as a “labor of love”. This is why we choose who we work with on the Full Contact Store Opening package. We rather work with clients who are easy to “love”

Commonly Asked: “How many of your store owners have been successful or remained open?"
Though this novice question feels probable to ask, in our situation it doesn’t lend to our credence. Though the answer is admirable (98% have found success) we can only take little credit to them remaining open. Sure, our clients use our model and training, but the success can only happen with their hard work and their failure can only be attributed to their difficulty adjusting as an owner. Because we are not a franchise, all we can assure you is our clients get opened with the right preparation, education, resources and tools to become profitable. We can’t force behavior. The rest is up to them.

What you should ask: “How many ready-to-go clients have you gotten opened?”
The answer. 100%

What you should ask: “How many stores have you opened within budget?”
The answer is 97%. There have been 2 rare occasions when additional supplier charges came in after we completed our client’s project that caused a small overage in budget. (Small meaning below $550.) Since then, we have perfected the process.

Commonly Asked: “Do I have to go through your training programs before I can become a Store Opening client?”
Absolutely not! We have clients that never attended a conference or set foot in any of our training classes. Besides, you get some classes for free when you become a Store Opening client.

What you should ask: “Do you suggest I take your classes before opening a store?”
So many people underestimate the massive amount of training you need to succeed at retailing. We recommend you take training if you have no retail, leadership, business ownership or entrepreneurship experience. But again, you get some classes for free when you become a Store Opening client.

Commonly Asked: “I can do this myself. Why choose your help? Convince me that I should.”
Sorry. We don’t convince individuals on what many claim to be their passion and claim to hate losing money. Our track record and statistics speaks for themselves.

What you should ask: “Why choose your package versus doing it myself?”
Doing it yourself actually costs more than you realize. Our ability to get certain products at a lower cost and get a nice mixture of certain hair brands in ways you can’t, instantly lowers your cost. Opening a store yourself costs you about $50-$75 per square foot in products, while we get stores opened for about $25-$35 per square foot in products. You can easily see that we lower your opening costs, but in addition, we are doing much of the laborious work for you. It’s almost like we are working for free. Do the math!

It’s like going to a restaurant versus cooking at home, hiring a mechanic versus replacing your own engine or getting a lawyer versus representing yourself in court. If you have expertise in doing what we do, you could be okay in some aspects doing it yourself but if you don’t have the expertise, don’t try to cut corners.

Commonly Asked: “Can I get a directory/references from past store opening clients in order for me to make a decision on moving forward with you?”
This is a request we completely understand. However, we recognize it mostly comes from concerned individuals who has never took on a challenge as great as store ownership that are looking for assurance, security and a lifeline in other owners. We understand the feeling. However, we are unable to simply make this information loosely available for 3 main reasons: 1. Store Owners are feverishly trying to build their own businesses and constant calls from individuals seeking mentorship, asking personal questions (or plotting to compete against them) can become bothersome. In fact, this is what was happening to our founder, and what made him create an organized an established institute to assist people looking for help. 2. Solicitors mask themselves to us as possible store opening clients, only wanting to sell and pitch owners. This too will irritate our clients, who we promised confidentiality to. 3. Not everyone in the industry supports the work we do. We don’t want our store owners paying of that.

All of our owners made decisions to work with us independent of references.

What you should ask: "Can you help someone like me succeed at ownership?"
Absolutely. Let us tell you why. We are led by Professor Devin Robinson (a seasoned business & economics professor who has even created subtopics of college-level economics courses), someone who has built million-dollar generating businesses from ground up, including 3 beauty supply stores of his own within 18 months a decade ago. He has written entrepreneurship and beauty supply books, knows how to train and create curriculum. He has ANSWERS from his experiences (not theory or speculation) to many questions you may have on being successful in business. He believes in working collectively to reach a common goal.

We look at your market, your skills, your risk level, your resources and your determination to decide whether or not you can do well, then tell you. We are not reckless with it. This is what we did for all of our 70+ owners and what we continue to do for future owners.

Commonly Asked: “Who are the distributors?”
Just knowing who sells the products isn’t enough. You need to know “how”. In this case, you want education, not just information. You can be a pest to distributors. Something you really don’t want to become.

What you should ask: “Will I learn how to approach distributors?”
Yes. There are different types of entities that distribute. You have manufacturers, distributors, and cash and carry. We will teach you to approach them and gain account approval.

Commonly Asked: "Where can I get the money to open?"
Think about this. Getting money once isn’t hard. Getting it repeatedly is much harder. See the next question. But to give you an answer for this question. We like to avoid loans, but there reputable financial institutions waiting to loan to a potentially profitable business.

What you should ask: “What skills do I need to be successful at store ownership?”
Resource management, sales skills, patience, consistency, reliability, social skills, service-attitude, diligence, assertion, humility and leadership tops the list of things you need. This business is highly interpersonal and when dealing with multiple attitudes and personalities in a system that desires a positive economic benefit, the leadership must be insightful and critical enough to grow the business.

Commonly Asked: “Why do you do this work?”
Distribution control. Additionally, to stop the exploitation and fatal statistics in our community tied to this economic hate crime.

What you should ask: “Are there any additional funds I would have to pay to you after becoming a Store Opening client, even your team has to stay in my city unexpectedly longer than planned?”
Nope. None. Not another cent.









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