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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Beauty Supply Store Courses:

Will I automatically receive my certificate?
No. Beauty supply courses are often paid for by businesses, family and friends as gifts. To ensure the certificates are mailed to the right person and address, each student must verify the proper spelling of their name and address upon completion to the instructor. Then, certificates will be mailed.

How do I get my certificate?
Send an email to your course instructor learning@beautysupplyinstitute.com to request your certificate. If you still need assistance send an email to our Office at admin@beautysupplyinstitute.com

When will I be notified about my beauty supply course start date?
Courses start at your leisure. Once you setup your user profile for FREE by clicking on the tab below each class, you will be able to enroll, view the orientation and begin taking the course.

How long will my beauty supply store course lessons be available?
Students are given 30 days to complete Online Course Tracks. Electives are based upon the number of lessons in the course. We allow 1 day of access per lesson. For example, if you enroll in a 3 lesson course, the course will be available to you for 3 days AFTER you begin taking the course. The time doesn’t start when you setup your profile or enroll in the course. If your course expires because you did not complete it in the specified time given you can re-enroll within 48 hours from the time of the course expiration. You must notify our office by email or phone. Administrative fees will apply to re-enroll. After 48 hours the regular enrollment fee will apply. No exceptions.

How will my questions be answered?
Questions are handled online.

How long will it take questions to be answered?
Questions are answered on a daily basis when a lesson is given. All questions must be given to the instructor no later than 24 hours after the completion of your course.

What time are the beauty supply store courses?
All online beauty supply store courses are designed to meet the needs of various professionals in different time zones, therefore there is no designated "start" time.

Are there tests for the courses?
Yes. After each lesson, you are required to take an assessment.

What is a passing grade?
You must pass the course with a minimum of 70%

How many questions are on the tests?

What if I fail the course?
You will not receive a certificate.

Can I retake the course if I fail?
You will be required to re-enroll at the standard rate.

What if I am unable to complete all of the lessons will, I be able to finish it later?
No. Once the course begins all submissions will take place at the end of the final day of the course.

Are your course timelines strict?
Yes. As with any school we must adhere to the time frame given for each course to ensure all students are given the attention they deserve when taking a course. This also allows us to retain highly trained instructors in retailing while keeping our cost affordable to students.

Can I start my beauty supply store course at any time?







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